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Americorps VISTA

The AmeriCorps VISTA program will have five full-time members whose projects will focus on building permanent capacity and infrastructure for Legal Aid. The VISTA members will help implement Legal Aid’s strategic vision of having a more fully integrated statewide legal services system that provides services in the most impactful and efficient manner.
There are five (5) roles:

Fundraising: this member will focus on developing a statewide resource plan geared at identifying and prioritizing possible sources of funding to support Legal Aid’s five year strategic plan and statewide access to justice initiatives;

Communications: this member will spend time developing and implementing a marketing and communications plan to ensure that all potential clients, community partners, and potential funders are aware of civil legal services and the impact they can have on the low-income community;

Capacity Building: this member will develop and staff statewide substantive taskforces of attorneys and community partners working to address identified legal issues in the most effective and efficient manner;

Volunteer Recruitment: this member will work with statewide staff to strengthen and implement volunteer recruitment mechanisms to increase the number of pro bono attorneys and other volunteers supporting the organizations’ efforts; and

Statewide Planning and Evaluation: this member will focus on developing a plan for a statewide legal needs assessment, evaluate the effectiveness of current legal interventions, and assist in developing a statewide plan for civil legal service directory.

For more information on what this position entails, please visit the link below.