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Americorps Project: Justice for Arkansans

Justice Projects

Join the Justice for Arkansans program for 2016-2017!

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2016-2017 Member Application

What does Justice for Arkansans do?
  • Justice for Arkansans is an AmeriCorps program that strives to increase access to justice. 
  • AmeriCorps members provide legal services to people who fall into one of the focus areas (discussed below).
  • The AmeriCorps team recruits volunteers – including attorneys and law students – to help.
  • AmeriCorps members:
    • Provide direct legal services.
    • Conduct legal outreach and education.
    • Recruit volunteers and coordinate their efforts.
    • Work with other legal advocates.
    • Identify people with unmet needs.
What are the program's focus areas?
  • Homelessness
  • Housing instability
  • Employment barriers
  • Social and economic circumstances that impact health
Who does the program help?
  • Veterans
  • Those re-entering society
  • Families
  • Seniors
  • Homeless people and people with unstable housing