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Tax Filing Season Is Over. Now What?

Filing season for 2015 is behind us, but many taxpayers still owe the IRS. During May the IRS sends out many tax due notices, causing panic for many. If you can’t pay the entire balance due, you don’t have to. The IRS has collection alternatives, including monthly payment plans. The most important thing to do: respond to the notices you receive. You can call the IRS and explain your financial circumstances. You can always send in partial payments. You can enter into an installment agreement. The sooner you pay, the less interest you will pay. But, the IRS can’t force you to pay if you can demonstrate that it would be a hardship for you and your family.

If you are struggling with the IRS or can’t understand the notices you receive, contact the Low-Income Taxpayer Clinic.

Call 1-800-952-9243 ext 4324

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