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Statewide Conference 2022


Desiree Willmuth

Desiree Willmuth

Desiree Willmuth serves as the Program Administrator for the Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF) program at St. Francis House. SSVF serves all 75 counties in Arkansas with offices in Little Rock, Fayetteville, and Jonesboro. SSVF provides Rapid Re-Housing and Homelessness Prevention services for military veterans and their families who are either experiencing homelessness or at imminent risk of homelessness. St. Francis House was initially awarded the SSVF grant in 2012 serving just four counties in Central Arkansas, but their program kept growing to eventually cover the entire state as of January 2021. More information is available at

Desiree has served as the Program Administrator since January 2022. She has worked for SSVF since the initial award in 2012, serving as Outreach Coordinator, Case Manager, and Lead Case Manager over the years. Prior to joining SSVF, she worked with the Arkansas Department of Community Correction (2009 - 2012) and Arkansas Department of Human Services (2003 - 2005). Desiree holds a B.A. in Psychology from Harding University (2003) and M.A. in Ecological & Community Psychology from Michigan State University (2008).

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