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Legal Aid Sues Division of Workforce Services as Unemployment Benefit Issues Persist, KUAF. February 25, 2021.

"DWS has repeatedly refused to turn over records requested through the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act that might provide a better understanding of why scores of Arkansans haven't been abele to access unemployment benefits during the COVID-19 pandemic."

State agency sued over FOIA requests about jobless aid, Talk Business & Politics. February 23, 2021. 

"As of December 18, 2020, more than 26,000 unemployment claims awaited a decision, with about one-fourth waiting longer than three months, the nonprofit said. Some clients were told they could wait as long as six months for an initial decision, with appeals waiting three or four months longer."

Legal Aid sues state for data on jobless-aid denials, Arkansas Democrat Gazette. February 23, 2021. 

Legal Services sues Workforce Services over refusal to provide information about unemployment benefits process, Arkansas Times. February 22, 2021. 

“We granted DWS several extensions, offered to sit down for meetings, and tried asking only for the most important information,” states Legal Aid attorney Jaden Atkins. Nearly a year into the pandemic, DWS has not improved its handling of claims.

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