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Board of Directors

Who We Are

Name Positions Held Appointing Organization Term Expires
Neal Burns
Greene County Bar Association 12/31/2021
Lori Chumbler Executive Committee Benton County Bar Association 12/31/2021
Niki Cung Search/Apppointments/Nominations Committee Washington County Bar Association 12/31/2022
Steven B. Davis
Boone-Newton Bar Association 12/31/2023
Pamela Haun Board Chair; All Committees Craighead County Bar Association 12/31/2022
Helen Jenkins Client Advisory Committee/ Audit/Finance Committee/ Search/Appointments/Nominations Committee CASA of the 2nd Judicial District 12/31/2022
Donna Price
Van Buren County Bar Association 12/31/2022
Val P. Price Personnel/Client Grievance Committee (Chair) Craighead County Bar Association 12/31/2021
Annie B. Smith Vice Chair; Audit/Finance Committee University of Arkansas School of Law 12/31/2023
Ashlie Thacker Secretary; Search,/Appointments/ Nominations Committee (Chair)/Client Advisory Committee/Executive Committee Family Crisis Center of Northeast Arkansas 12/31/2021
Demetre Walker Treasurer, Client Advisory Group; Personnel/Client Grievance Committee; Executive Committee Arkansas Support Network 12/31/2022
Rene Ward Client Advisory Committee; Search/Appointments/ Nominations Committee East Arkansas Area Agency on Aging 12/31/2022
Tim Watson, Jr.
Jackson County Bar Association 12/31/2022
Kevin Watts
Cross County Bar Association 12/31/2021
Ron Wilson Executive Committee Crittenden County Bar Association 12/31/2023
Matt Cook
Breaking Bonds Ministries 12/31/2022
MIhalio Albertson Client Advisory Committee NADC 12/31/2021
Daniel Brightwell

Kyle Stoner

Bill Waddell

Gary Ward Client Advisory Committee

Board of Directors Meeting Materials