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Story Collective

Now is your chance to tell your own story about how you use Medicaid to keep you and your family healthy.



Carolyn is a sweet grandmother who is currently caring for her two grandsons and one dang cute dog. Kids can keep you busy – but grandkids keep you really busy! Carolyn takes good care of herself and her grandsons and is happy that her own two sons come by often to help care for all three of them. 

Carolyn has had Medicaid for as long as she can remember. She is very pleased with the care she receives, and she loves her doctor! She doesn’t really care for the fuss the doctor makes over her health. He wants her to do health screenings and tests that she doesn’t really feel she has any use for.  

Carolyn broke her back when she was eight years old and has spent a lifetime monitoring her health and well-being. She thinks she’ll be the first to know if there is anything wrong with her. She hates having to undergo medical tests.  

She is very happy that Medicaid will pay for the doctor’s visits for her and her two grandchildren. It so reassuring to her to know that it’s there. The only thing she doesn’t like about Medicaid is how different insurance companies call her every year – typically starting in the fall. She receives calls from all types of folks, trying to convince her to switch her health insurance provider*. 



*Note: if other companies call you asking to change your health care provider, you can ask them to put you on Do Not Call list – and they, by law, must stop calling you to advertise.  


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