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Now is your chance to tell your own story about how you use Medicaid to keep you and your family healthy.



Denise lives in Hughes, AR, and has received Medicaid since she was 12 years old.  When asked why she was receiving disability at such an early age, she stated, “I was slow.”  Although she was previously eligible due to her delayed mental developments, she is now receiving disability and Medicaid due to her chronic medical conditions. 

Denise has lived in Hughes all her life. She has an adult son who lives with her.  She suffers from a chronic kidney condition, congestive heart failure and has had three (3) stints placed in her chest. Her left leg was amputated and now there is a possibility that the right leg may be amputated too. She lives in federally subsidized housing in Hughes and uses a wheelchair for mobility. Although her apartment is not very large, it is fitted for her to be mobile with her wheelchair.  

She sees her doctors in West Memphis and Jonesboro every other week. Transportation is provided by a Medicaid Transportation Provider to dialysis and her doctors’ appointments. She goes to dialysis every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday in Marion. She is tired after dialysis as are many other dialysis patients. In her own words she states, “I go to dialysis with Jesus, and this is how I survive.”  

Although transportation is provided, she goes shopping alone.  She can maneuver in her wheelchair. Hughes goes to very few stores, but she has been able to maintain some level of independence in going shopping. There are times when she must ask a friend to run errands for her, such as going to the bank or paying a bill, and other times she has an aide that comes in and assists her with personal needs and chores. 

Denise currently takes eleven (11) different medications.  She says that “I would be messed up if I did not have Medicaid.”  She would not be able to afford the medications, doctor visits or her dialysis. Medicaid has sustained her living and allowed her to live longer. 


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