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Story Collective

Now is your chance to tell your own story about how you use Medicaid to keep you and your family healthy.



Gabby has diabetes and is grateful that Medicaid pays for her insulin. She struggles to keep her diabetes under control because – as an SSI (Supplemental Security Income) recipient – she only receives $50/month in food stamps. It’s hard to keep your blood sugar steady when you do not have enough food. It’s a struggle to stay well and to keep feeling up about everything.

Gabby appreciates that Medicaid has a program that provides her with a free ride when she needs to go to the doctor. However, she is dismayed that Medicaid limits her to only six (6) types of medications each month when her doctor suggests that she needs more medicine than that. It’s frustrating to always fall short of having what you need to stay healthy. She wishes that the medication limit could change so that her health could remain consistent. It’s been so difficult for her to stay focused on her health goals when everything else in her life seems to be going wrong. It feels like she is in constant distress. Recently her landlord tried to evict her – but thank goodness that has all settled down for now. For Gabby, although she is grateful for Medicaid, it has been a constant battle for health and peace of mind.  

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