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Now is your chance to tell your own story about how you use Medicaid to keep you and your family healthy.



James is (60) sixty years old and lives in Elaine, AR. He is a descendant of the Elaine Massacre. James serves as the Director of Programs for the Elaine Legacy Center.  The Elaine Legacy Center is comprised of descendants of the Elaine Massacre. 

James has received Medicaid for five or six years. His problems with Medicaid have involved being changed from one program to another without notice and having bill balances from emergency room visits and other doctor visits. He is unsure of the different names, but currently has AR Home. He has also been left with balances after having to go to the emergency room. James says, “Poor people cannot afford to pay these balances.”   

He says that on his card it stated “0” deductible. He received nothing saying what he would have to pay if he went to the emergency room or to a specialist. He only learned that he owed a balance after he went to the emergency room or saw a doctor. James most recently was seen by an Orthopedist for his knees. He did not have to pay a co-pay to see the Orthopedist or for any test done at the office. Thus far, he has not received a bill for any of these visits. 

James has a disabled son who is receiving Medicaid. His son has also accumulated a balance for medical visits.  This on top of the balances James has accrued has created a financial hardship for him and his family. In a town with 34.7% of the population below the National Poverty level, even the smallest balance owed on a medical bill can affect the financial stability of a family. James is hopeful that with AR Home he will no longer have any balances after doctor visits, or emergency room visits. He realizes that his son will need continued care but is hopeful that his son’s care will also be without balances that can strain a family on a fixed monthly income.   

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