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Now is your chance to tell your own story about how you use Medicaid to keep you and your family healthy.

Jessica Craft

Jessica Craft

Jessica has been on SSI since the age of four. She has been diagnosed with ADHD, Scoliosis, Bi-Polar Disease, and Maniac Depressive. She suffers from severe migraines and memory loss. She is currently pregnant and cannot take most of her medication due to her being pregnant. Not being able to take many of her medications escalates many of her symptoms. Jessica had an Ectopic Pregnancy with her last child. She has fears that this may happen again. So far there have been no problems with the pregnancy except for her having low potassium. 

Unfortunately, Jessica has not had the most stable living situation. In 2016 her Medicaid was terminated because she could not verify where she lived. She was in foster care, and there was confusion as to where she lived and with whom. She was finally able to verify where she lived, and her Medicaid was reinstated. 

Foster care for Jessica who is age 29 has not been the most positive experience. She was physically abused in foster care. She says that her foster care siblings were jealous of her because she was adopted. Abuse was not limited to foster care; she was physically abused by her ex-boyfriend. She was hit on the head by her ex with a guitar. In addition to this, she was in a car accident. Jessica thinks that her migraines and memory loss are related to the abuse and the accident. 

History seems to repeat itself for Jessica. She has a child in foster care and hopes that she will soon have this child returned to her.  

Unstable living conditions and abuse led to Jessica being a substance abuser. She is currently in recovery and receiving treatment through Arisa Health. Jessica realizes that this is an everyday struggle and through her church and treatment at Arisa Health she intends to continue to fight this battle and, in the end, defeat this former addiction and her mental health problems. 

Jessica sees an OBGYN in Forrest City for prenatal care. Medicaid provides transportation, but at times it is difficult for her to get to Forrest City which is more than forty-five miles away. Scheduling is a problem, and transportation is not always available when she needs to be in Forrest City. 

Life has not been easy for this young lady who appears younger than her stated age. Not having Medicaid would certainly make it harder for her to defeat some of the obstacles that have been placed in her path. She needs Medicaid for her prenatal care, mental health treatment and former substance abuse. Without Medicaid, she would be on a path that would not be beneficial to her or her unborn baby. Medicaid for Jessica is a necessity. Having Medicaid continues her path to recovery and improving her health.  








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