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Now is your chance to tell your own story about how you use Medicaid to keep you and your family healthy.



Josh lives in Marvell and receives Medicaid in the form of Blue Cross Blue Shield. Josh would like to have Dental.  He has a problem with his teeth and needs to see a Dentist.  When he was younger, he was able to receive dental.  He goes to the doctor once or twice a year. He has a co-pay for medications, but very seldom has to have medications other than an antibiotic or cough syrup. 

He had a sinus infection earlier this year and broke his hand in December of last year.  Josh was working at a rice mill when he broke his hand.  Fortunately, he had insurance from the job and the insurance paid for the visits to the doctor for his broken hand.  After breaking his hand, he stopped working at the rice mill and is now unemployed. 

Earlier this year, Josh broke a tooth. He had an x-ray done which cost him $200.  He needed additional work on this tooth but could not afford it.  He must suffer from the problem his tooth is causing along with other oral issues. Like many other adults, Josh needs dental, which would improve his oral health, but since his insurance does not cover the services, he must suffer until he can afford the work done.  Josh hopes that at some point he can afford to have the work done.  For now, he will endure the pain. 





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