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Now is your chance to tell your own story about how you use Medicaid to keep you and your family healthy.



Katy and her daughter have a good life. Everything seems to be going very well! When Katy discovered she was pregnant 2 years ago, she applied for Medicaid to get help with the expenses of her pregnancy. It was confusing at first. Medicaid sent her a notice advising her they’d assigned her to an Ambetter health insurance plan. She had to call around to find a Primary Care Provider who accepted her insurance – which took a bit of time - but everything eventually worked out well. Katy loves Ambetter and thinks her doctor is wonderful! 

Katy stays healthy by making sure she and her daughter eat right and exercise often. Her daughter plays hard, and so does Katy!  She has a lot of fun with her exercise regimen; she hula-hoops and kickboxes when she isn’t working or caring for her daughter. This is a lot of fun and is also good for her asthma as it helps to improve her lung capacity.  

Katy loves her job. She works in a retirement home where she gets to help elderly people. The retirement home offers insurance to their employees, but the insurance premiums are too expensive – approximately $150 a week to cover both her and her daughter. So, she is very happy to have the option to stay with Ambetter; paying much less each month to help her stay healthy1. Katy’s daughter is very healthy, and Katy doesn’t have to worry about anything more serious than an occasional cold.  

Medicaid is always in the background, allowing Katy to spend her money on caring for her daughter rather than simply paying for a more expensive insurance plan. The application process can be annoying (because Katy says, there are so many questions asked and simply too much paperwork required) but Katy is happy to have Medicaid in her life.  

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