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Now is your chance to tell your own story about how you use Medicaid to keep you and your family healthy.



Leeshelle lives in Elaine, AR and started receiving Medicaid three months ago. Although she has not received her physical Medicaid card but has the number and uses this when she goes to the doctor. She is receiving AR Home Medicaid, which she became eligible for after she lost her job. Prior to this, while Leeshelle was employed, she had received private insurance through Blue Cross Blue Shield. She is thankful that she can continue to receive health care benefits through Medicaid, because she realizes that she could not afford medical treatment without it. 

One medical benefit that she lost as a result of being unemployed was the ability to purchase a Lifestyle Monitor to test her Glucose.  This particular monitor was not paid for by Blue Cross Blue Shield nor is it paid for by Medicaid.  Having income allowed her to purchase the machine at a cost of $79 . A small unobtrusive senor was placed on the arm for fourteen (14) days and alerted her when her sugar was too high or too low.  She would receive alerts while working, performing tasks or sleeping.  She was immediately able to bring her Glucose levels up or down.  Leeshelle is back to the finger stick. Although she is happy that she can still receive Diabetes Testing Supplies at no cost to her, she wishes that she was able to afford the Lifestyle Monitor or that Medicaid would pay for the monitor.  The Lifestyle Monitor is a more efficient and a reliable way of determining Glucose Levels.  More specifically, when a patient may not be aware that their Glucose is elevated or low during the day which would could cause life threatening consequences.  Nevertheless, Leeshelle is thankful that she can continue to receive treatment for her Diabetes and other medical conditions without her having huge medical debt. 

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