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Now is your chance to tell your own story about how you use Medicaid to keep you and your family healthy.



Shatonna receives SSI Medicaid, and only goes to the doctor as needed.  She started receiving SSI when she was in secondary school.  When asked what type of learning disability she has, she stated " I have to visualize things to understand”.  Essentially, she must be in a setting where she can see what she is doing.  Shatonna says she would not be able to take an online course because she has to be in a classroom where she could visualize and interact with the teacher. Additionally, Shatonna suffers from hypertension and migraine headaches. She takes Lisinopril for her hypertension and ibuprofen for her headaches. Shantana’s mom takes care of most of her business. 

Shatonna says her Medicaid was a huge benefit when she gave birth to her child. She has a three-year-old who is on AR Kids.  Like most parents, Shatonna is thankful that her child has AR Kids.  She would not be able to pay for doctors’ visits for her child without AR Kids.   

She spends most of her days volunteering for the Boys Girls and Adults Community Development Center in Marvell.  When asked what she does, she said she helps during events held at the center.  Since she is there in person, she can visualize all tasks assigned to her at the center. 



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