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Now is your chance to tell your own story about how you use Medicaid to keep you and your family healthy.

Sparkling Angel

Sparkling Angel

Zig Ziegler once said, “You never know when a helping hand will change another person’s life.”   But one thing is for sure, you will know if you are the person receiving the help. Sparkling Angel had found many helping hands – and those people who were willing to help her, truly made her life better.  

When Sparkling Angel was young, she suffered a back injury that continues to give her pain. She has had a good life despite it, but she is always looking for ways to alleviate that pain. Some days are good, some days are more difficult. On her bad days, she does her very best to care for her two young children – but it can be challenging. She has a friend, whom she met while she was going through her divorce. A friend whose help has proven to be impactful in the most positive way, she helps Sparkling Angel care for her children when her pain becomes insurmountable, and she took Sparkling Angel and her children in during a very difficult time. Sparkling Angel adores her and appreciates the help she receives.  

Sparkling Angel has had severe heart problems and a few other medical issues. She needs a third heart surgery, but the doctors worry that she isn’t strong enough to make it through the procedure. She must wait. She recalls going without medical insurance for two years because she couldn’t afford insurance and was too sick to work. She mentioned this to her Food Stamp worker – saying she really needed to find some type of insurance – and the Food Stamp worker helped her fill out an application for Medicaid. Thirty days later, Sparkling Angel could get the medical care she needed! 

Sparkling Angel is very grateful to have Medicaid on her side. She loves her doctors (and her kids’ doctors) and is grateful to have good people in her life who are willing to help. She has applied for SSI; hoping it will help her afford a better life for herself and her children. She wants to warn people that Medicaid is strict on having people seek care in Arkansas. Her doctor referred her to a doctor who practices in Missouri – and she went to see that doctor; not knowing that her Medicaid might not pay for the services she received. She’s working with DHS to get this snag worked out – but wanted to let others know that that can become problematic.  


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