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Now is your chance to tell your own story about how you use Medicaid to keep you and your family healthy.

Vera Rodgers White

Vera Rodgers White

Vera Rodgers White had been on Medicaid for several years.  She became eligible for disability in early 2022 and the type of Medicaid that she was receiving changed. She had to wait three months for her change in insurance to take place. At the time, Vera is taking heart medication, diabetes, and anxiety medicine. During the three months Vera was told by pharmacies in her area that they could not locate her correct Medicaid number. She was held responsible for several co-pays and fees. Vera says that she tried her best to cover these out-of-pocket costs, and frequently called to try and determine what type of Medicaid that she was on and to see if she could be reimbursed.  After receiving bill after bill after bill, Vera stopped opening her mail.  One day, she finally decided to open one of her letters from Medicaid and found that it was actually a reimbursement check for her medication co-pays. She was relieved and grateful that she would no longer have to pay these out-of-pocket expenses and her Medicaid problems had finally come to an end. 

Vera is now receiving both Medicaid and Medicare. She is happy that she no longer has out-of-pocket expenses.  If she did not have Medicaid, Vera says that she would not be able to go to the doctor. She feels blessed to be fully covered for her medical expenses.             

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