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Tax Deadline Approaching!

The deadline to file your individual income tax return is right around the corner. The normal filing deadline is April 15. However, this year, through a weirdness in the calendar, the deadline is extended to Monday, April 18. That’s still only a few days away.

You need to file by the deadline because there is a penalty imposed by the IRS for not filing a return on time. Some taxpayers don’t file their return because they owe money, but their bill just gets bigger by not filing.
If you can’t file your return by April 18 (say, your dog ate your papers and you have to get replacements), file an automatic extension request by April 18. The very next day you can’t ask for an extension, so you need to make the request on time. Once you file for an extension, the extended deadline is October 15 every year.
Their is a separate penalty for failing to pay your tax due. Even if you can only pay part, it’s best to pay before April 15 (or April 18 this year).

If you are confused about your filing responsibilities, you can call us at Legal Aid of Arkansas Low Income Taxpayer Clinic at 479-442-0600, extension 6304


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