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Tax Return Extension Deadline Approaching!

If you filed an extension request to file your income tax return for 2015, the deadline is now approaching! You must file your return by Monday, October 17, or face a penalty for failure to file your return.

The Internal Revenue Service has an important reminder for taxpayers who filed for an extension and face an Oct. 17 filing deadline: the adjusted gross income (AGI) amount from your 2014 return may be needed to electronically file a tax return.

Ordinarily, all taxpayers should keep a copy of their tax returns and supporting documents for a minimum of three years. Going forward, keeping copies of tax returns is even more important as the IRS makes changes to protect taxpayers and authenticate their identity.

If you are using a software product for the first time, plan ahead. You should locate a copy of you 2014 tax return or alternatively, order a tax transcript, a process that may take five to 10 calendar days. The adjusted gross income (AGI) is clearly labeled on both the tax return and the transcript. If you don't have your prior-year tax return, you may go to and use Get Transcript Online or Get Transcript by Mail. A transcript is a summary of the tax return or tax account. There are various types of transcripts, but the Tax Return Transcript works best. Look for the “Adjusted Gross Income” amount on the transcript.

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